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Comprehensive Learning and Entrance Exam Coaching for Plus two students

Enhanced Learning Technologies Private Limited (ELT), is established with the objective of providing learning facilities and opportunities using information and communication Technologies (ICT). This could be described as "providing learning facilities by adopting Computer Technology". In a situation where coaching institutes charge a hefty price and conduct classes at all odd hours and a few charge exorbitant feel TEL [Technology Enhanced Learning] has come out with the Technology Enhanced Learning initiative, a first of its kind, that not only promises to offer a 24/7 learning platform at affordable prices.

You will not only have access to content that is highly academic, it would also be versatile in that there would be digital lectures, question banks, self-assessment, power point presentations and many more. ELT’s TEL also has been engineered in such a way as to provide multiple learning options and valuation monitoring and cross verification. The idea in short is to make ELT’s TEL initiative affordable, convenient, flexible and versatile.


° Digital Lectures   ° Question Banks    ° Self-Assessment ° PPT Presentations



Fee Rs 5250/-

Fee Rs 5250/-

Fee Rs 5250/-


Campus Konnect - Integrated Learning And Collaborative Platform

  * Per Student for a year


° Supports e-learning, classroom training & blended modes of teaching.

° Hierarchical roles – learners, managers, trainers, assessors.

° Social Learning.

° Quizzes, diagnostic assessments.





° Among students, with faculty and even industry experts.

° Online Lectures, Tutoring and collaborative tools, E-Portfolio.


° Content creation including knowledge artifacts, courses, question banks, documents etc.

° Online Lectures, Tutoring and collaborative tools.

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